Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet Featured

Should the worst happen, you’ll want sturdy, stalwart gear to help save the day.

A special thanks to Jay Grazio at Shooting Illustrated for putting our Special Operations Tactical Tourniquet in his Across the Editor’s Desk blog.

This tourniquet comes in every TMS Outdoors trauma kit!

MN Hunter Survives Brutal Bear Attack

Animal attacks are a reality. TMS Outdoors Trauma Kits will provide life-saving medical equipment for times like this.

Warning: Video contains graphic images.

Check out the story.

Hunter’s Death A Lesson for Safety

An excellent article on the importance of safety while hunting. As the article states, “one in three hunters will have some sort of incident with a tree stand in their hunting career.” Use a tree stand harness and make sure you carry a proper trauma kit, not a first aid kit, into the woods with you.

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