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As we’ve said before, animal attacks are a real threat while in the woods. See the article below. Although his injuries were not life-threatening, they easily could have been. Unable to provide his exact location, EMS was not able to get to him until almost two hours after the attack. TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits can provide life-saving medical interventions when trauma strikes in the outdoors. Warrior Developed, Battlefield Tested.

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This physician in South Dakota is correct with most of his advice. However, you should NEVER just rely on a piece of clothing to try to make an improvised tourniquet. A study published in Volume 64, #2 of the Journal of Trauma found that 75% of improvised tourniquets used in Iraq were ineffective and had an 80% morbidity rate. The TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits come with the SOFTT-W tourniquet, one of only two approved by the US DoD and DHS.

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