Blog: Medical Considerations in the Back Country

Thanks to Michael Maher from for putting this write up on our Olaes Bandage in his article “Medical Considerations in the Back Country.”

“A roll of 4 inch wide gauze is very handy to wrap wounds and comes in a very small package. It is usually easier to use than its smaller 2-inch counterpart. This is a pressure dressing to wrap around your initial 4X4 bandage and hold it in place. When teaching self aid/buddy aid courses to law enforcement, we also teach keeping a roll of gauze in the driver door pocket of their cruiser to stuff in wounds if the need ever arose. Another option for the roll gauze is some of the newer bandages that are available from companies like Tac Med Solutions. They offer bandages such as the Olaes bandage that are packaged in vacuum packaging. This allows the hunter to save space in his kit. The Olaes bandage is the same bandage that the Armed Forces carry in their IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).”