TMS Outdoors Video by Fear and Loading

Check out this informational TMS Outdoors video put together by Fear and Loading.

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NRA Family InSights – “First Aid in the Field: What You Need to Know”

NRA Family InSights article on first aid in the field discusses preparedness to render first aid in the outdoor environment. “The trauma kits from TMS Outdoors is my personal favorite. Five former Green Berets founded the company, so it’s chock full of combat-proven, leak-stopping gear, including one of those speedy tourniquets that have saved so many lives in the War on Terrorism. It’s small, and molle on the back allows it to affix to your gear.” – Guy Sagi. Read the article here.

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Fear and Loading Product Review

A very special thank you to Guy Sagi from Fear and Loading for the product review he did on our TMS Outdoors Trauma Kits.

I am really impressed with the Trauma Kit from TMS Outdoors (and with 12 years search and rescue experience, and former CPR and Advanced First Aid instructor for the Red Cross, that’s saying something). Most outdoor first aid kits would have trouble handling the fake blood on that cut tree…stay tuned for a full report, but if the outdoors is part of your lifestyle, take a close look at this kit.” -Guy

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TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits Featured in American Hunter Magazine

Thanks to Bryce Towsley at NRA’s American Hunter for the kind words on our TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits. The article, published in American Hunter Magazine, describes how to provide first aid in the field, including stopping blood loss. Read the article here.

Hunter's Trauma Kit Operator Advanced in Tan

Hunter’s Trauma Kit Operator Advanced in Tan

Hunter’s Death A Lesson for Safety

An excellent article on the importance of safety while hunting. As the article states, “one in three hunters will have some sort of incident with a tree stand in their hunting career.” Use a tree stand harness and make sure you carry a proper trauma kit, not a first aid kit, into the woods with you.

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Why Carry TMS Outdoors Trauma Kits?

According to the DoD’s Defense Casualty Analysis System, during 2010 & 2011 there were 10,471 soldiers wounded in action in Afghanistan. During that same time period, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) there were 14,881 gun and tree stand related hunting injuries in the United States.

The US military trusts TMS medical kits and SOFTT-W tourniquets to treat gun shot wounds and injuries…Shouldn’t you?

Blog: Medical Considerations in the Back Country

Thanks to Michael Maher from for putting this write up on our Olaes Bandage in his article “Medical Considerations in the Back Country.”

“A roll of 4 inch wide gauze is very handy to wrap wounds and comes in a very small package. It is usually easier to use than its smaller 2-inch counterpart. This is a pressure dressing to wrap around your initial 4X4 bandage and hold it in place. When teaching self aid/buddy aid courses to law enforcement, we also teach keeping a roll of gauze in the driver door pocket of their cruiser to stuff in wounds if the need ever arose. Another option for the roll gauze is some of the newer bandages that are available from companies like Tac Med Solutions. They offer bandages such as the Olaes bandage that are packaged in vacuum packaging. This allows the hunter to save space in his kit. The Olaes bandage is the same bandage that the Armed Forces carry in their IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).”

Tactical First Aid for the Hunter

Tactical First Aid for the Hunter – “What goes in your kit?”

Part 1: Tourniquets
Take a look at this article. It discusses our SOFT-T Wide and SOFT-T NH tourniquets and emphasizes how a tourniquet is a crucial part of any hunting medical kit. The SOFT-T Wide comes standard with each of our TMS Outdoors trauma kits!

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Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. – Operator IFAK (OIFAK)

Thanks to Rhody over at We Like Shooting for this product review of our Operator IFAK. Our TMS Outdoors H-IFAK is modeled after this kit. Notice how he mentions that he also takes it hunting with him!

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