NRA Family InSights – “First Aid in the Field: What You Need to Know”

NRA Family InSights article on first aid in the field discusses preparedness to render first aid in the outdoor environment. “The trauma kits from TMS Outdoors is my personal favorite. Five former Green Berets founded the company, so it’s chock full of combat-proven, leak-stopping gear, including one of those speedy tourniquets that have saved so many lives in the War on Terrorism. It’s small, and molle on the back allows it to affix to your gear.” – Guy Sagi. Read the article here.

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Fear and Loading Product Review

A very special thank you to Guy Sagi from Fear and Loading for the product review he did on our TMS Outdoors Trauma Kits.

I am really impressed with the Trauma Kit from TMS Outdoors (and with 12 years search and rescue experience, and former CPR and Advanced First Aid instructor for the Red Cross, that’s saying something). Most outdoor first aid kits would have trouble handling the fake blood on that cut tree…stay tuned for a full report, but if the outdoors is part of your lifestyle, take a close look at this kit.” -Guy

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TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits Featured in American Hunter Magazine

Thanks to Bryce Towsley at NRA’s American Hunter for the kind words on our TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits. The article, published in American Hunter Magazine, describes how to provide first aid in the field, including stopping blood loss. Read the article here.

Hunter's Trauma Kit Operator Advanced in Tan

Hunter’s Trauma Kit Operator Advanced in Tan

TMS Outdoors Kit Featured on After the Hunt

Special thanks to Josh Kinser at Texas Trophy Hunters and Trophy Hunters TV for mentioning our hunting kits during his “After the Hunt” segment on the Outdoor Channel. Click the following link to see Josh and his segment:

Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet Featured

Should the worst happen, you’ll want sturdy, stalwart gear to help save the day.

A special thanks to Jay Grazio at Shooting Illustrated for putting our Special Operations Tactical Tourniquet in his Across the Editor’s Desk blog.

This tourniquet comes in every TMS Outdoors trauma kit!

Tactical First Aid for the Hunter

Tactical First Aid for the Hunter – “What goes in your kit?”

Part 1: Tourniquets
Take a look at this article. It discusses our SOFT-T Wide and SOFT-T NH tourniquets and emphasizes how a tourniquet is a crucial part of any hunting medical kit. The SOFT-T Wide comes standard with each of our TMS Outdoors trauma kits!

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Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. – Operator IFAK (OIFAK)

Thanks to Rhody over at We Like Shooting for this product review of our Operator IFAK. Our TMS Outdoors H-IFAK is modeled after this kit. Notice how he mentions that he also takes it hunting with him!

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