Awesome seeing our TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kit in the current issue of Field & Stream magazine! They included us in both the Backcountry Beast and the Truck Chest “survival kits” as well as the article’s cover photo! Thanks to T. Edward Nickens for including us!

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Thanks to Guy J. Sagi Photography and for this fantastic article on our TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits. Warrior Developed, Battlefield Tested.

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Our question Kendall Jones is: “Where is his TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kit?” TMS Outdoors kits treat life-threatening arterial hemorrhage, major lacerations and venous bleeding as well as life-threatening penetrating chest injuries. Warrior Developed, Battlefield Tested.

Thanks to Rob Reed at for this product story on our TMS Outdoors Outfitter’s Trauma Kit. The kit is designed to provide outfitters and guides with more advanced medical treatment options while hunting in remote and austere environments. Warrior Developed, Battlefield Tested.


TMS Outdoors has partnered with the makers of Combat Gauze to bring you the Quik Clot Bleeding Control Dressing! Now available in all of our advanced kits purchased on the TMS Outdoors website.


Thanks to Gary Howes, editor at Guns and Gunsmiths, for the SHOT Show review on our TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits.

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We’ve heard from a lot of you, asking where you can get one of our hats. Our TMS Outdoors hats are now available online at our website! We offer four different styles! Stop by and pick one up today!

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How many of you have ever gotten hurt, cut, scratched or even broken a bone or wounded yourselves while on a hunt? It CAN happen, we are all human and the more hours we put in the field the more likely it can occur. We carry our TMS Outdoors Trauma Kit on our pack every trip for that reason and so should you!