Sadly, these types of hunting accidents are a reality. Practice safe hunting and shooting and carry a TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kit on all of your hunts.

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TMS Outdoors is proud to have helped support the 2015 BOW Event with “Injured Outdoors” in South Dakota. Training took place focusing on how to treat traumatic injury in the outdoors. ‪#‎SDintheField‬


Dove season is opening up all over the country this week. Deer season opens soon. Have you prepared yourself in case a traumatic injury happens to you while hunting this season?

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Another great article on the TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Trauma Kits. This time it’s in American Rifleman magazine. Thanks to Fear and Loading and NRA’s American Rifleman (Official). ‪#‎nra‬ ‪#‎hunting‬

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Update!! TMS Outdoors Hunters Trauma Kits are now available at Cabela’s online store. Do a keyword search for TMS Outdoors and the site will take you straight to the kits.

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The TMS Outdoors Hunter’s Tourniquet is now available at the Cabela’s online store. This is the same tourniquet used by U.S. Special Operations Forces, LAPD, NYPD, the U.S. DEA and many more. You should carry it too!

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TMS Outdoors Video by Fear and Loading

Check out this informational TMS Outdoors video put together by Fear and Loading.

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NRA Family InSights – “First Aid in the Field: What You Need to Know”

NRA Family InSights article on first aid in the field discusses preparedness to render first aid in the outdoor environment. “The trauma kits from TMS Outdoors is my personal favorite. Five former Green Berets founded the company, so it’s chock full of combat-proven, leak-stopping gear, including one of those speedy tourniquets that have saved so many lives in the War on Terrorism. It’s small, and molle on the back allows it to affix to your gear.” – Guy Sagi. Read the article here.

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